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X-CHARGER HI-PO PLUS 2.8 without tuner


I wanted to give myself a full summer of driving prior to writing a review so that it would be more detailed and complete.

At the time of my purchase I was seriously considering trading my car in on a new 2015. But I really do love my car. Between that and the cost differential after trade in, this xcharger seemed like the way to go. After reading many many reviews on forums and seeing the extreme reliability of the package I made up my mind to go ahead.

For the first part of my review I want to cover the installation. This is essential as it will be a key component to many trying to make the decision as it was for me. As soon as I received the kit I started reading the install manual. It is easily the most detailed install manual I have ever seen. There are photos that accompany every step of the installation. Once I made sure I had all of the tools needed (I only had to borrow a crows foot wrench) I started the install. I did all of the installation myself and only required assistance placing the supercharger itself in as I have back issues. Previously I had never done anything more complex than changing an alternator or doing oil changes. I took my time on the install and worked for about 1 to 2 hours a day for about a week. During the install Dave was readily available by phone for the couple of questions I had mostly just reassurance.

The most difficult part of the install was taking my time to carefully open the wiring harness to make the needed modifications and extensions. I worked on it slowly and patiently carefully following the manual and rechecking everything before proceeding. Even this was much easier than I had imagined. From then on the installation really moved along and before I knew it I was on the finishing touches. Once I completed the installation and the tune was installed the car turned over and started on the first try. At that point I felt a great deal of accomplishment and pride over having completed the job myself and not just taking it somewhere to have it done as I had in the past.

My first driving impressions were nothing but smiles. The car had always seemed quick to me but now the car feels transformed. The power and torque are instantly available and you almost can't help but mash the pedal. The sound of the supercharger whine is extremely addictive and like no other I have ever heard. The car is easily able to spin the tires effortlessly in spite of the the fact that I have wider tires and trac lock. I ran some simple 0-60 tests with a G Meter. The times were right at 5 seconds or less range depending on how much I spun the tires. I suspect with larger tires and better throttle control it will be in the low 4's.

I put well over a thousand miles on the car this summer and there were no reliability issues or hiccups at all. At the car shows the car attracted a lot of attention. I am completely happy with my xcharger and would recommend it to anyone. The ease of installation, reliability as well as the performance really make it a winner. If you are hesitating because you are concerned about the install I tell you do not let that deter you. Once you finish the install you will have made a much better connection with your car and a sense of pride you will never get from taking your car to a mechanic for an upgrade!
Date Added: 10/30/2015 by Louis Forero
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